Although many covert it, it is something that few will ever obtain. Its is, perhaps, something that even fewer rightfully deserve. A bridge named after them. For as long as I have known Tim Haberfield, this is all he has ever dreamed of.
As a young boy Tim would name many things after himself. Frequent vistors to the Haberfield family homestead would more often than not be familiar with the Tim Haberfield Memorial Ditch, which was dug in 1989. A 300mm deepgaping chasm yawning a good 90 cm just off to the side of an apple tree in the back prtion of the families backyard. Even more familiar still would be Camp Tim Haberfield, not so much a camp as a circle of old logs dragged into the middle of a paddock. In more recent times, those who are close to Tim Haberfield would undoubtly be painfully aware of the Tim Haberfield Boogie.
A series of spasmodic dance moves intricatly worked together to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

It is also often referred to as “The Flaps loosener” and “Moisture on the dancefloor”
While he is very proud of all of the afore mentioned achievements, (plus the multitude of other achievements. He once met Toadie from neighbours, for example. He also once saw Zeke from Neighbours at Karingal Village cinemas), He will often be heard to lament the fact that something is missing. He realized quite early on what this hole in his soul was. The only thing that will ever fill that hole is… A bridge. A bridge called Tim Haberfield. But is it….
A bridge too far?

Only time will tell. As the years roll by, it seems less and less likely that he will reach this goal. But, hey, this is Tim Haberfield we are talking about here and, truely, a more mysterious and wonderful man, the world has never seen
-Sean Marsh
(Tim Haberfield admirer)